Plantain Leaf 

It’s a highly soothing demulcent (inflammation and irritation relief) that lubricates the entire digestive tract. While cleaning and detoxifying, it also acts as an inhibitor of bad bacteria growth.

Chicory Root

One of the most powerful components of chicory is its sheer quantity of inulin fiber. Inulin fiber hasn’t been shown to just increase beneficial microbes, but also to help them flourish in your gut and microbiome.  

Peppermint Leaf  

Most commonly documented as a way to relieve upset stomachs and to promote healthy digestion.

Lemon Balm

It’s not just great for the nervous system and gut, but also for muscular health and tension. It reduces tension and cramping in both the smooth and striated muscles throughout the body. It also neutralizes the effects of gas on the stomach and intestines.

Butternut Bark*

In this formula, it’s mild–acting on the function of the bowel walls and glands to increase activity. At the same time, it also increases bile secretion while expelling parasites from the body.

Buckthorn Bark 

It is known to be a mild herb. It gives you the result you want, without the discomfort and dehydrating effects that you don’t. It encourages natural movement inside of you.

Gentian Root 

Stimulates the stomach and help secretions all through the digestive tract. These enzymes and tonics all help to alleviate heartburn, indigestion, stimulate appetite and help you get more nutrient bang from your calorie buck.

Triphala (amla, bibhitaki, and haritaki)

These herbs offer an incredible multitude of benefits, but in this formula they best serve to soothe, and calm the gut while helping it eliminate waste and impurities. 


Multiple studies have shown that it reduces harmful gases in the gut produced by harmful bacteria. It’s also one of the herbs meant to feed the good bacteria and multiply the beneficial microbes. Less bad stuff, and more good stuff means a happy, healthy, stable tummy. *

Cascara Sagrada

In comparison to other laxatives, cascara doesn’t form dependencies (no addictions), but instead acts to strengthen the digestive tract over time for more natural and healthy elimination.