Plantain Leaf 

Please read-up on this soothing and well-researched leaf. It's known as a demulcent, which lubricates and soothes our oftentimes irritated and stressed digestive systems.*

Chicory Root

One of the highest sources of the super-healthy inulin fiber (inulin is key to a diverse gut microbiome), this root has been shown to increase beneficial microbes and bacteria and allows them to flourish in your entire digestive and eliminative channels.*

Peppermint Leaf  

Well-documented as a way to support relief of upset stomachs and to ​promote healthy digestion. Peppermint leaf is the ultimate soothing ingredient.*

Lemon Balm

Historically used to support our nervous system, intestinal system, muscular system, and more, Lemon Balm is the perfect supporting, calming, and neutralizing ingredient in this complex formula.*

Butternut Bark*

Mild-acting on the function of the bowel walls and glands to increase activity. It also increases bile secretion while supporting a release of toxins from the body. This bark has a 1000+ year history of supporting digestive health.*

Buckthorn Bark 

Natural Healthcare Practitioners understand that if your bowels are not moving properly, then most diets and supplements can provide only minimal support. Buckthorn bark is the perfect, natural ingredient to assure this does not happen with you.*

Gentian Root 

Stimulates stomach secretions through the digestive tract. These enzymes and secretions support critical digestive functions. What does this mean? DIGESTION. ABOSORPTION. ASSIMILATION. ELIMINATION.*

Triphala (amla, bibhitaki, and haritaki)

These 3 fruits have been used in India for literally, thousands of years. Their purported benefits are far too numerous to list here.  Their importance in this formula could not be overstated. A simple online search, and you will see why.


Please Google the recent studies conducted on Codonopsis. Amazing support for multiplying, diversifying, and enhancing critical, beneficial, gut microbes, and so much more. We are guaranteed to hear much more about Codonopsis in the coming years!*

Cascara Sagrada

This natural, chemical-free, "herbal laxative", has been used by Native Americans since the beginning of their recorded history. It's so important, that it has earned the nickname "The Sacred Bark".  When blended properly, with other herbs, there is no match for it's benefit in detoxifying the channels of waste elimination.*