It’s primary function helps to remove putrefaction (decaying organic matter) in the bowels– better providing a path to any true healing with a cleaner digestive tractIt is also helpful against all invading microbes - virus, yeast, or bacteria.  


The herb itself contains multiple antiviral constituents. Ongoing research continues to prove that the herb, and its oils combined, are significantly effective at inhibiting rapid growth of potent viruses.


Acting as an antioxidant, expectorant, and mucus thinner, it provides a protective soothing layer over irritated mucous membranes. This keeps the entire immune system responding properly, and optimally, to infectious agents entering the system–while also strengthening and tonifying the lungs.   


Lesser known, but no less powerful–this herb has a long history of supporting respiratory health and aiding the immune system to help combat viral conditions in the body.  


It’s beautiful, bright, purple berry is a super-antioxidant–rich in flavonoids. These help strengthen the immune system without overstimulating it–making it safe for currently overactive immune systems. 


Garlic is one of the most powerful natural antibiotics that exists. Garlic is also incredible at optimizing your naturally adaptive immune system. Targeting only foreign or invading cells while protecting your natural bacteria and microbiome. This is vital in working properly with the bodies own immune system that largely resides in the gut.  


Ginger is an extremely common and powerful herb. This is due largely to its anti-inflammatory benefits and soothing effects on the digestive system.  

This herb (or dried and ground to become a spice) has also been proven to increase blood flow and circulation, ultimately helping the ingredients it interacts with reach their destination quicker, and more effectively.  


Traditionally, it’s been used to support heart health as well as optimize the entire cardiovascular system. 

Cayenne equalizes blood flow in the body, strengthening and toning arteries and vessels that contribute to more productive blood flow and greater oxygen through the entire system.