Its primary function is to support the removal of putrefaction (decaying organic matter) in the bowels – providing a path to true, overall wellnessIt is also helpful supporting your body against unwanted and unhealthy toxins. *


Ongoing research continues to show that thyme and its oils combined, are significantly effective at supporting overall wellness. *


Marshmallow provides a soothing layer over mucous membranes, supporting the immune system, lungs, and overall wellness. *  


Lesser known, but no less important– this herb has a long history of use supporting the respiratory and immune system. *


This beautiful, bright, purple berry is known by many herbalists as "a super-antioxidant–with flavonoids". Elderberry may help support our immune system without overstimulating it. *


Garlic is known for supporting your naturally, adaptive immune system. Targeting only foreign or invading cells while supporting the protection of your gut microbiome. This is vital in the body's immune system that largely resides in the gut. *


Ginger is an extremely well-known and commonly used herb. This is due largely to its natural immune system supporting benefits and soothing effects on the digestive system. This herb has also been shown to support blood flow and circulation. *


Traditionally, it’s been used to support the heart and cardiovascular system. Cayenne supports blood flow in the body, which may contribute to more productive blood flow and greater oxygen through the entire system. *