Whole Healing Love

Agape: The Highest Love

Our bodies are capable of many wonderful things. For thousands of years these miraculous organisms have continued to preserve, protect, and heal themselves.

Let's go one step deeper than just the symptoms and address the real cause of whatever our imbalance may be. Let's trust in us, those around us, and the nature that provides for us all.

Healthy living is simply a part of the bigger picture–and Agape is just the beginning. My goal is to always learn, grow, and improve myself. I sincerely hope you’ll join me on that Journey.

— Weston Horne

Agape: Education

Learning. Healing. Together.

"I fundamentally believe a lack of truth and education is the root cause of the issues we face with our health today. 

I started Agape not just as a means of education, but to come together as a larger community. This education should be accessible for all who want to change and repair their lives and their health. It’s a simple invitation, unforced, by those who are affected and want to spread the good they feel.

I took this knowledge and application, and made the world’s cleanest and most effective products. Based on science, rooted in history, guided by intuition, and led with love in real world practices.

This history has made Agape possible. Seeing good, doing good, and spreading good.That's how I found the best answers for individuals, and also the best answer for business – care for your body, care for your community, take care of your planet, and in return–they will take care of you."

— Weston Horne

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Agape Herbals



Picked, Produced, & Packaged

Direct From Mother Earth

My products use the whole plant. While many companies focus on extracts, isolates, chemicals, or compounds–I believe the best result comes when we honor what the Earth has to offer.

Countless studies, and endless research, show us that whole foods offer greater nutrition, more essential fiber, and provide additional protective substances–like antioxidants all while being safer to use.

And to give back–all of our packing is environmentally friendly. From compostable packaging to recycled amber glass bottles Agape is waste not, want not–from forage to front door.

No Additives. Non-GMO.

Wildcrafted Whole Organic

I've pulled ingredients directly from their natural habitat (wildcrafted), where they grow unaffected by pesticides, chemicals, hormones, or genetic modifiers.

When ingredients are harvested directly from their natural source the rich soil fortifies them with all the organic nutrients we need.

Each product is whole, clean, hand-made, kosher, halal, vegan, non-gmo... natural. No dairy, gluten, wheat, lactose, or any form of artificial additive. At all! Ever!

While finding a manufacturer that adheres to these strict guidelines hasn't been easy, the result is well worth it. It's finally the product that feels good, does good, and spreads good.