Used for thousands of years to retain and increase the energy in the body, as well as strengthen it. Very good in supporting the liver, which can help with stamina and endurance with sports.*


Aids in the support of the nervous system, and giving support to the cells of the brain. Gradually builds the nervous system, and brain function. Best known for its ability to improve concentration, memory, focus, and cognition overall. *


Part of the Ginseng family commonly known as Siberian Ginseng. These are some of the oldest and most beneficial herbs for overall tone, energy, health and vitality for the body. It is well known as an adaptogen, and with the other herbs in this formula, to strengthen and help the body's response to stress; to restore and regulate the body’s natural homeostasis.* 


Regulates the adrenal glands without depleting them. Assists the body with handling stressful situations, while also helping it adapt to be stronger. One of the most powerful tonifying herbs that lends support to the entire glandular system.* 


Used for thousands of years by native cultures in Ecuador and throughout the Amazon regions of South America. It is known for its pleasant taste, alkalizing properties, natural energy boosting, and calm-focusing properties. A perfect balance of caffeine, but has theobromine that exists in it to lift you up without the crash.*