Microbe Balance Benefits:

  • Flushing-out of gut overgrowth (yeast, mold, fungus, parasites and harmful microbes)*
  • Fortification of bodily function & balance*
  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels*
  • Cleanses the blood stream of yeast and candida and removes it out of the body through the channels of elimination*
  • Support is given to the gut, liver, blood, and skin to fully remove these harmful microbes*
  • Strengthening of internal systems*
  • Continuous protection from harmful microbes*
  • Stronger immunity*
  • Healthier skin *
  • Less cravings for junk food*

Resistance Benefits:

  • Restrain invading contagions to prevent their replication.*
  • Repair your lungs by keeping them clear of mucus and waste*
  • Resist infection by killing viruses and bacteria.*

Gut Love Benefits:

  • Increase bowel movements size, ease and frequency*
  • Reduce bloating, gas, and discomfort*
  • Assimilate nutrients more effectively*
  • Alleviate nervous system stress*
  • Diversify gut microbes leading to more SCFA’s-which in turn:
    • Increases metabolic rate*
    • Increases body fat breakdown*
    • Increases brain function*